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IRS Tax Relief in Michigan Made Easy with Attorney Len Stauffenger

Issues with the Internal Revenue Service are some of the common reasons why people would need the assistance of lawyers. The IRS can easily intimidate anyone and they can surely detect any irregularities and inconsistencies in your statements. Reading this could mean that you are in need of someone who can help you get the IRS out of your way – someone who has the experience, skills, and specialization that the work requires. Len Stauffenger, Esq., has helped innumerable clients find their way out of the scrutiny and investigation of the IRS and receive the kind of IRS tax relief Michigan residents need.

Attorney Len Stauffenger and His Professional Team

Atty. Stauffenger keeps his practice focused on helping individuals and businesses solve their issues and problems with the IRS. For years, he has exhibited dedication in providing professional tax advice, assistance, and service to his valued clients. Furthermore, he is assisted by a team of professionals and a staff that knows the ins and outs of this area of law.

Some of the tax-related issues that his firm can help with include:

  • Settlements with the IRS
  • Removal of Liens and Levies
  • Lifting Wage Garnishments
  • Audit Reconsiderations or Appeal
  • Penalty Abatement & More

How to Get the IRS Out of Your Life

Are you suddenly facing tax debt because you were audited? Do you have a tax lien because you were unable to pay your taxes that were already due? Regardless of the reason why you are facing these issues, the firm can help you get your IRS problems out of the way with their extensive experience and knowledge when dealing with such issues.

For one to achieve IRS tax relief in Michigan or in other states, there are particular steps that need to be taken. Atty. Stauffenger is one of the exceptional professionals that you can count on because he completely understands the process, he can acquire the documents and files necessary to study your current standing with the IRS, he analyzes your financial situation and options, and he effectively develops a personalized plan of action for your situation.

Solve Your IRS Problems Today!

Don’t wait until the IRS hits your wages with a tax levy or sends a revenue officer to come by your home or business to investigate. With the tools and strategies that Atty. Stauffenger employs, you will no longer need to worry about the authorities. Call (888) 582-4989 or fill out the form found on this website to set up an initial consultation and begin sorting out your IRS issues!