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Tax Assistance from One of the Most Dedicated IRS Tax Lawyers in Michigan

There are various reasons why one would need the kind of IRS tax attorney Michigan clients rely on. Receiving a notice of an audit, for instance, requires a business owner to seek the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer. Someone who has not been able to meet all of his tax obligations definitely needs a reliable attorney as well.

Once the Internal Revenue Service begins to investigate a business or individual, there is enough reason to be concerned. The IRS can easily prosecute people and businesses that do not comply with their guidelines. However, there’s still hope to get tax relief. Everyone has their rights and options. To ensure that these are protected, business owners and individuals should consult with an IRS tax attorney in Michigan.

How to Get Help with IRS Issues

There is no doubt about how equipped the Internal Revenue Service is – it employs numerous experts and specialists, such as lawyers and accountants, who can easily find irregularities in your statements. Unlike these professionals who have a complete understanding of the federal tax rules and regulations, you may have little to no knowledge on the matter, unless your job requires you to study the Federal Tax Code.

Facing the authorities alone can seem like a brave move, but it is nowhere close to being the smart choice. It is so easy to make damaging admissions and statements which can lead to penalties, increased tax bills, or even criminal cases.

This is where an experienced Michigan tax attorney comes in. Len Stauffenger, Esq., has the knowledge and skills that can match those of a lawyer working for the IRS. This means that business owners and individuals can rest assured that their tax issues will be handled by an attorney who knows the system like the back of his hand.

Why Choose Attorney Len Stauffenger and His Team

There are a number of things that would make anyone want to hire Atty. Stauffenger and his team. First, he was recognized by Law & Politics and Cincinnati Magazine as a Super Lawyer for six consecutive years. Less than 5% of lawyers receive this badge of honor. This just proves and establishes the outstanding reputation he has in his profession.

Furthermore, he works with a paralegal, administrative assistant, and staff, who, when combined, have over 30 years of experience. They possess the skills and knowledge required to provide clients with professional service, assistance, and guidance.

Looking for the kind of IRS tax lawyers Michigan clients trust to ensure a clear road towards freedom from the IRS? Take the initial step now and call Atty. Stauffenger for a free consultation at (888) 582-4989.


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